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All about Hitch Racks - Still Best Ones for you?

Roof racks and hitch freight carriers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, but why would a hitch cargo carrier be a better fit for you?
Safe and simple. From the start to the finish of a road journey, a hitch carrier offers ample room for your gear with waist-level access. One of the main advantages of a hitch cargo carrier is the ability to reach your items while standing firmly on the ground, which is considerably easier and safer than doing so while standing on top of your vehicle.

Quick and easy access. What if you run out of something while on the road? When a hitch cargo carrier is used, the days of unloading everything to get to that one item of luggage or equipment are over.

Efficiency in terms of fuel use. Are you concerned about your vehicle's aerodynamic design and the resulting fuel efficiency? A hitch baggage carrier helps maintain your vehicle's crucial aerodynamic form, allowing your fuel dollars to travel further.

trailers vs. hitch racks
What is the difference between a hitch cargo carrier and a trailer?
No special abilities are required. Have you ever found it entertaining to watch individuals attempt to back up a trailer? It's a skill that requires time and care to master.

Backing up your vehicle with a hitch racks is no different.

Weather protection is improved. Although most hitch racks are self-contained and provide total coverage for your possessions, most trailers are exposed to the elements, including rain, sleet, snow, and the scorching sun.

It's easier to store than a trailer. Some customers choose to keep the StowAway on their vehicle all year. Others keep their StowAway in the garage, completely completed or unassembled. Others cover the unit and store it outside, while others have it hanged from the garage ceiling. In either case, compared to a trailer, far less space is required.